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    Qicai Fishing Tackle Factory is a specialized productionfishing tackle attached middle and small scale factory, its stapleproduct has the plastic false fish Stainless steel wire Woodenshrimp. Squid hook Lead fish And so on each kind of product, inmultitudinous product its plastic vacation bait quality, inthis local all colleagues product when the number dulingfengshao, shadesthe factory unceasingly to promote the new product according to themarket demand, at present the vacation fish variety has 80 many kindsof, also may act according to the customer the required quantity bodycustom make or the processing with provided samples, but also has thestainless steel wire product also is introduces the South Koreanequipment and Han helps in enterprise's high-level administrativepersonnel, may act according to the customer the demand, manufacturesall kinds of fishing "the fast assembly line" next is fishes the woodwhich the squid uses Plastic Lead body various types shrimp roe andlead Stainless steel Plastic squid needle.
    Service objective: We diligently will make the quality product, thestruggle create the first-class service, will construct the negotiatedprice with the customer the price to win the customer the faith, myfactory will have the confidence also to have the ability to greet thenew time low-price quality merchandise the challenge, we weredetermined will not lose the general customers the great reputation,unremitting diligently, will create the construction cost and isbeautiful double wins, above we certainly will be able to achieve!
    Finally Qicai person zealously welcome everywheremerchants presence instruction!
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